Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been awhile but I’ve been pretty tired. I only have a few more days in Gracias and then its back to Siguatepeque for a couple of weeks and then we graduate. I’m pretty sure I sign in on the 12th of August. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote. We were each assigned individual farmers to work with in the countryside and then we had to decide on two techniques to improve upon what they were doing. I worked with a guy named Jorge from El Cile. We had a decent hike up to his farm and I helped him cut fence posts and dig holes for them with a tiny little bar. We decided to make some traps for an insect called Broca that were invading his coffee plants. He was very motivated and on the ball. He was implementing organic fertilizer and using worm composting. He also had a couple of tilapia ponds. El Cile is a beautiful place just below mount Puca, Honduras’s second highest peak.
Gracias’s town fair also took place last week. There was plenty of chicha (a type of alcohol made from corn) to go around but I didn’t try any. I was still bouncing back from the amoebas and figured my system didn’t need that kind of attention. Also some batches of chicha can get a nasty form of bacteria. Today we vaccinated chickens for a couple of different diseases. One of the vaccinations was an eye drop and wasn’t too bad. The second was a sub dermal injection. It was pretty tough on the little chicks, also some of the roosters put up a pretty good fight. I guess I’ll find out my site next Tuesday, I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be spending the next two years. I’ve received a few hints and have a pretty good idea where I’ll be but I don’t want to jinx it by posting it here. Also most of you probably won’t know where it is anyway. I think I’m going to have to post pics later this is taking way too long. Paz Joe


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