Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hey everyone, here is Gracias in all her glory, you can see one of the colonial churches just to the right of the palm in the left side of the frame, you don´t have a good view of the mountains in this shot and it really doesn´t do it justice but for now its all i have. If anyone thats reading this wants to leave comments please do. I´m pretty sure I can respond to them, or we can just talk through email. Hope all is well in the states or wherever this finds you. things are great here. Today we worked on building improved stoves in a house just outside of Gracias. The work was great we got to really get our hands in the dirt and actually build something. The family seemed truly greatful that we were lending a hand. other than that not much has happened since my last post (last night). Happy belated 4th to everyone. What did people do? we tried our best to celebrate our independance down here but it just wasn´t the same. but it´ll do for now. Hope some of these pics are sparking some interest in coming to see me. well, i´m going to get some dinner hope its better than the ox tail that I had for lunch. Joe


Blogger HippieGirl said...

Hey's GeL, so glad that you're doing well and that things seem to be going great. The pics that you've posted so far are really great and I can only imagine what the landscape looks like in person. Still planning to make it down south next year, or even sooner....just keep in touch and let me know how things are going...going to school and reading about Latin America will definetely not expose me to the real stuff that's I can't wait to go!!!

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