Monday, July 10, 2006

I went to the bank today and took out the rest of my monthly allowance (1600 Lempiras, about 85 dollars) and the guy next to me had two half inch thick stack of 500 lempira bills, he must have had over ten thousand dollars in cash, and I started to think, what am I doing here? Why isn't this guy helping Honduras? Why isn’t he buying me breakfast? It is funny too, if I step out on the street someone will always ask me for a spare lempira but they probably don't even think about asking that guy. So now I’ve got about 80 bucks (55 after I pay rent) to get me through the rest of the month and not a worry in my brain about not being able to do it. So yeah, too much time has gone by since my last post. I had some pictures to post but my camera died on me and I had to pick up a refurbed one with a different memory card. But there will be pics soon, I promise. Idaho was amazing, it was really really hard to come back to Honduras. I miss my family, friends, and even my dog, Drina. But I’m getting my homesickness under wraps and falling back into my work here. Things are really going well for me. I am now engaged, while in Idaho I asked for Emily’s hand and she told me she’d think about it (just kidding, she said yes). We’re going to be married on the island of Utila next June. Pretty crazy how life plays out, crazy and sweet. So Emily is down here visiting me before she heads back for gradschool. We’ve got a ton of planning to do but we’re taking it poco a poco and pretty stress free. I’m mainly concerned about getting rid of my farmer tan for the wedding. I’m pretty sure I was born with it and I just can’t shake wearing T-shirts in the sun. ok, I look forward to hearing from and possibly seeing all of you soon. joe


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