Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok, kind of a strange start to the week, I wasn’t planning on being back on a computer so soon, but I was in La Campa this morning for a funeral and figure I’d catch up a little. So this weekend a kid I knew was killed in a machete fight. His brother was also seriously hurt. It just happened Sunday so I’m not sure about all the details other than alcohol was involved and I heard the fight was over one of the boy’s sisters. The kid that died was also the sun of my deceased landlord (the guy that was drunk and fell of his horse last September). This is really a sad time in Cruz Alta. Everyone new him, he had tons of family, and if you weren’t family you were a neighbor. He was only about twenty five. Machete fights aren’t extremely uncommon but they usually are not fatal (surprisingly after how sharp they keep them). I’m told the object of the fight is usually just to give someone a few scars. I didn’t know the guy all that well but had talked to him a few times, and he was a nice guy and offered to help me if I ever needed anything with my house.
I know this will probably worry some people back home and I’m not even sure if I should post this. But I’m trying to be honest with my experiences down here and this is a big one. This incident has nothing to do with my safety, it was a personal matter. I’m told that this has never happened in La Campa. There aren’t violent people here, this was a drunken dispute and it ended badly, it was stupid and completely uncalled for. I stayed up all last night thinking about it so I’m pretty tuckered. I’ve got to head back and get some sleep before class otherwise I’m going to be one worthless gringo. Alright, have a great week everyone and I’ll be sure to post more soon. Love joe


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