Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hola everyone, I am getting worse and worse at this, been over a month now since most of you have heard from me. But no news is good news right. I left my camera back at the Santa Rosa house but will soon post some pics. Lets see where to begin. I’m actually on my way to the airport in a couple of minutes to drop Kari off on her way back to Panama. We had a great time kicking around the west side of Honduras and it is hard to believe but our ten days together are coming to a close. We had a huge Peace Corps Thanksgiving at the Santa Rosa house and they even let me kill the turkey. It was quite an experience and next year I’m pretty sure we’ll be on the prowl for a butterball or something comparable. The killing wasn’t so hard but making a thing as ugly as a Honduran, campesino turkey look anything like what you buy in the grocery store back home was nearly impossible. But things worked themselves out and everyone (about 25 people) was happy and full by the end of it. Kari and I also kicked around my site and Gracias for a few days and I’ll go into more detail when I get the pictures.
We also have a new president in Honduras; Mel somethingorother (I can’t remember his last name just his campaign “Urge Mel: Urge el cambio”). Well, we’ll see if there are cambios in the future or just empty campaign promises. He does have a nice moustache and a cowboy hat though so that’s interesting I guess. Well, we’ve got to catch a bus, happy Thanksgiving everyone, much love and God Bless


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